A Rather Exciting Announcement…..


le bump

le bump


Well, I’d say I owe you guys an apology…..it has been 9 months since my last blog post!!!! I do have my reasons, the first being that we started renovating our house (which is still on-going) so trying to stay my shade of AIP without a kitchen didn’t make for particularly creative meals, and intermittent internet just made the whole thing too annoying to attempt. Buuuuttt…..my renovations aren’t anything to do with the exciting announcement. No. The exciting announcement is, that after 4 years of trying, about 1 year of AIP and 4 IVF treatments we are finally pregnant, and in fact due very soon, towards the end of March!


It’s been such an interesting and positive experience so far and I really feel like I’ve been very lucky with how well I’ve felt throughout the pregnancy. I definitely attribute this in large part to following AIP, as well as regular acupuncture and listening to my body to give it what it needs – usually lots of rest!


In terms of following AIP whilst pregnant and renovating, I am lucky that I had been able to add back in white rice, white potatoes, eggs and cacao beforehand, as this has made eating out and pregnancy cravings much easier to handle. For about half of the first trimester I went off pretty much all cooked meat and vegetables, so I focused on fish and salads and fruit. I also found that if someone else had cooked the meat and veg that I was more likely to want to eat it. I was also absolutely craaaaving sandwiches and pastries like never before – so this is where I used my AIP reintroductions of white rice and potato and increased my intake of those. I didn’t stress about those few weeks where I couldn’t stomach meat and veg because I knew that I’d set myself up well nutritionally leading up to pregnancy, and I was confident that I would get my appetite back for those foods, which I did!


When it comes to “wiggle room” on the AIP…..yes, I have been allowing myself some. My only firm rule for myself is, no new reintroductions whilst pregnant (and oh my gosh, did I tell you about my dairy cravings???!!! That was hard to ignore…but I did). This wiggle room includes allowing non-AIP items, such as seed oils (which is what I assume is used in cafes and restaurants when we eat out), guar gum and citric acid, that I had eaten very, very occasionally prior to pregnancy with no issue, and after having followed AIP for over 6 months. It’s hard to gauge how often I currently consume these items due to how much we are having to eat out, but it’s something that I’m not going to worry about. Oh yes, and in the interest of full disclosure – I have been indulging my cravings for chips (also known as hot chips here in Aus, or fries in US) about once a week, and been having a few squares of good quality dark chocolate every day!


I now have about a month left until my due date and I am counting the days until we have a kitchen again! First on the list will be homemade chicken liver pate and some bone broth. I also don’t want to see the inside of a restaurant for quite sometime….it’s really important to me that I’m giving this baby all the nutrients I can, and I do feel that has been somewhat compromised by my situation, but I also think I’ve done pretty well in the circumstances. Once our kitchen is up and running I just want to strip my eating habits back to pretty much strict AIP, with just the occasional appearance of the AIP-legal reintroductions I’ve made.


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Well, this was just a quick post to let you know that I am still here! I’m planning on writing another post shortly about the emotional side of trying to conceive for 4 years and IVF, because that’s what I wanted to read about when I was going through it and I really hope it will be helpful for any of you in a similar position.