Adventures in Wardrobe Capsuling



It’s the start of a new season, the perfect time to work out your new capsule wardrobe! Now, I haven’t had a capsule wardrobe before, and I kind of thought it sounded a bit boring, and rather unlikely. “30-40 items of clothing to see you through 3 whole months?! Nahhhh!!!!” But now I am oh so much older and wiser (!) and no longer working in the industry that kept me in its thrall with such beautiful new delights each and every season (that fickle friend, “fashion”) I find myself very much attracted to less of everything.


It started when I found Leo Babauta’s blog Zen Habits – I felt more “zen” just reading it, and so started the quest for less.


I began with my work life, I simplified that by quitting my day job and going back to college. Finding out what you want to do and doing it is way simpler than fighting against it.


I also simplified my diet by starting the Autoimmune Protocol. Just eating what works for your body is way simpler than fighting against it….I’m seeing a trend here!


Due to the whole going back to college thing and either having to pay retail for clothes or go without,I found myself going without most times. Any money I do have is spent on food, college books, travel and the mortgage so there’s not much left for anything else. So times have definitely changed a lot from when I was working in London and going shopping every day after work!


But more than that, I don’t just want to buy less, I also want to be able to live with less than I currently have. I’m sure I only use about 25% of my wardrobe, and that is where the capsule wardrobe comes in. I think that a few seasons of putting together a capsule wardrobe for myself will force me to be clever about about what I’m wearing and how I’m wearing it. It will also help me to identify what I can live without. And then I will either sell or donate it.


It’s Me, Charlotte posted on her blog about the joys of capsuling and it was there that I was introduced to un-fancy – minimalist capsule wardrobe blog extraordinaire. So this has all been settling in my mind for the last couple of months until last night I could barely sleep and as soon as I woke up this morning I started culling! I now have about 40 items of clothing left in my wardrobe and 3 suitcases that no longer fit under my bed (doh!).


To be honest, that’s probably not the best way to start. Charlotte has a post on her blog about how she starts putting her capsule wardrobe together each season, as does Un-Fancy, so probably best to peruse those for some how-to tips. If I manage to keep up with this whole capsuling malarkey (yes, I’ve created a new verb and I’m sticking with it!) I will probably post some tips of my own in a season or two.


I also really like the blog Project 333?and she also has tips on putting together a capsule wardrobe and where to start – and as this tends to focus on using items of clothing you already have, rather than buying new things to fill any gaps each season, that is the version I lean towards. But I still love reading about everyone’s journeys into minimalism.


Does this sound like something you could see yourself doing? Or would you run a mile from the suggestion? I’m not sure how this experiment will go, and I am still in the process of culling, but I’m sure I will learn something from it!