AIP Bacon and Veg Fry Up


AIP Bacon and Veg Fry Up

AIP Bacon and Veg Fry Up


This is a super simple dish that I have for breakfast, lunch or, if I’m feeling lazy, dinner. When I’m not following the AIP diet I add an egg or 2 as well and have just one rasher of bacon.





For 1 person (I am quite greedy, if you aren’t then you might want to decrease the quantities or share with a friend!)

2 rashers bacon

2 handfuls chopped red cabbage

4 big leaves of kale, chopped

I cup of bone broth / stock

Coconut oil (enough to fry veg in)

**This dish works well with any leafy greens plus whatever other veg you have to hand, beetroot leaves, spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, cooked sweet potato. Add whatever you like!





I like my bacon crunchy, so I grill the 2 rashers of bacon and when it’s cooked to how I like it I cut it with scissors into about bite size.


While the bacon is cooking, heat the oil in your frying pan and chuck in your veg. If you’ve included onion then cook that first til it softens, then chuck in the rest of the veg.


Cook for a couple of minutes then add about 1 cup of bone broth and cover the pan with a lid for the veg to lightly steam for a few minutes. If you don’t have a lid you can just continue to fry until the veg is cooked or use foil or a large plate to cover the pan.


Once the veg is cooked, chop the bacon into the frying pan and pour on any bacon fat from the grill tray.


Mix together and eat! It’s so simple and a total lifesaver when it comes to quick, easy AIP meals!