AIP Reintroductions – How Phoenix Helix Helped Me!

Phoenix Helix Reintroduction Guide


I’ve been following the Autoimmune Protocol for about 5 months now (you can read about my early experiences here, here, here, here, here, here, here?and?here!)?and boy, have I learnt a lot along the way (more about that in a later post…)!


One of the things I learnt was that I can’t eat almonds any more – at least not until I’ve healed my gut a bit more (you can read about that here) – and that was hugely disappointing and unexpected. I don’t bake that often, but almond flour was my go-to when I did want to bake, especially as it’s such a commonly used flour in gluten free recipes, and as I’d never felt a reaction to almonds before I was totally expecting it to be ok. But it wasn’t – and that stumped me.


The strange thing that happened after my reintro failure was that I got scared to reintroduce other foods. It wasn’t that my reaction to almonds had been sooo bad, although it it wasn’t, like, fun or anything, but I think that psychologically I was afraid that I might try to reintroduce a food that might have a longer lasting ill-effect and I really didn’t want to go back to that place where feeling ill was part of my “norm” again. I was also concerned that I wasn’t doing the reintroductions “right” and didn’t want to do another one until I felt confident in my method.


I could have just stayed where I was at diet-wise, but I also felt I was doing myself a disservice by not adding back in “safe” and nutritious foods, particularly as the more foods I am able to eat, the easier it is to eat out and at friend’s houses. So I had a little bit of a battle going on in my mind about this. Pretty sure none of this “mental battle” stuff is AIP approved by the way, I don’t recommend it!


So I had all this going on in my head, not knowing what to do so just doing nothing by default, when – de-dah! – Eileen from?Phoenix Helix came in on her white charger with her fabulous Reintroduction Guide for me to review! And it really, truly was a saviour. The guide is literally step-by-step, and that type of hand-holding is just what I needed to get me unstuck at that time. The guide includes lists of what order to reintroduce foods, how to reintroduce foods, recipes you can use to reintroduce particular ingredients, how to keep a journal so you can monitor your reintroductions (including a copy of Eileen’s own journal, which is one of the parts I found most helpful), mistakes to avoid and how to manage a flare. As you will know, all of this stuff is vital information on AIP and I just hadn’t felt confident in moving forward with the bits and pieces of information I’d been able to glean from the internet.


Phoenix Helix is also?The Paleo Approach approved, which I love, because there is so much mis-information out there and I want to make sure I am following the correct Autoimmune Protocol as advocated by The Paleo Mom and other Paleo Approach approved bloggers. If I’m chopping and changing between different approaches, eating foods that are allowed by one person’s protocol but not another’s, then I’m really just wasting my time.


Since having access to this Reintroduction Guide from Phoenix Helix I have felt confident in adding back more foods and I have been successful in doing so. For this reason I decided to become an affiliate of this guide, because it’s truly worth way more than the $10 USD it’s selling for! I get a small commission for any sales through my blog, but that doesn’t affect the price you pay.


In case you’re wondering, I haven’t tried almonds again yet, might wait a little while longer until I do that (!), but I have been able to add back in macadamias! Yay!! I fact I have a rather yummy salad with macadamias in mind to try out tonight….! And there will be more info on my reintroductions next week 🙂


I really wish you the best of luck with your reintroductions. Don’t be scared to move forward, like I was, get the help you need x