And the Winner Is…….

The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook

The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook


Thanks to everyone that took part in my little competition to win Angie Alt’s fabulous new book – and guide to life! – The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook. If you missed my interview with Angie you can catch up here.


I really think all doctors should have a copy of this book in their drawer to hand to people who have just been given an autoimmune diagnosis. Truly, how much easier life would be for so many people if they could just start out on the right track straight away. And that’s what this book does, it sets you on the right track.


Our lucky winner is Rita Sage with her Instagram entry! Congratulations, Rita, I am so happy for you!! I know that you will absolutely love this book. Below is an example of the type of thing you too can now make 😉 ?I paired up Angie’s Mega Meatballs with zucchini cheese from the fabulous Hayley at I Eat Real Food (her Facebook page is here), some lettuce cups, roasted sweet potato (obvs), olives. I also made a ?’quick pickle’ of carrot, red onion and cucumber julienne strips mixed with sauerkraut and some extra juice, just mix it up and leave it in the fridge for 10 mins or so and it makes a lovely refreshing pickle!


bacon-burger mega meatballs

Bacon-Burger Mega Meatballs


If you missed out and would still love to own a copy of Angie’s book you can buy one by clicking on this affiliate link.


Also, I know I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties recently, and I apologise for that, but I also know you understand the importance of balance! And sometimes, particularly around exam time, some things I enjoy doing, like writing, have to fall of the radar for a little while. I do usually still find time to do a bit of Instagramming though! You can find me on Instagram?here?and at Facebook here.


It’s also coming very quickly up to Christmas! And we’re going to be spending time with some gorgeous friends, so I doubt I’ll be online much if at all between now and the first week of Jan (maybe just a bit of Instagram activity!).


I wish everyone a happy and relaxed Christmas and New Year. And remember, it’s not about spending money on gifts that most of the time people don’t want or need. It’s about enjoying time spent with friends and family and being grateful for what we have.


Ok, unless I get time for a quick blogging sesh between now and Jan I’ll see you in 2015!!!!! Woohoo! xx