Autoimmune Protocol Update – Week 8 – Goodbye Almonds

Here you go squirrel - you can have mine too...

Here you go squirrel – you can have mine too…


Last week was meant to be my week of macadamias. I bought them a few weeks ago in eager anticipation. I had them sitting there, in their brown paper bag in the fridge, counting the days til I could eat one. What I hadn’t anticipated was what a tough nut it would be to crack – literally! So after going nearly the whole week without anything new, I decided yesterday to buy some almonds and give those a go instead. I used to use almond flour quite a lot for baking, in fact it was pretty much the only four I used, so I was looking forward to getting some banana bread in the oven and on my plate – where it belongs!


So I ate 1 or 2 nuts when I got home from work last night. Waited 15 minutes or so and then ate maybe 10. I didn’t feel any ill effects before bed, and wasn’t really expecting to. Then I woke up this morning with my throat feeling quite swollen. My throat definitely felt constricted and on the outside it felt like someone had wrapped lagging around my neck in the night. It looked normal, but felt a lot bigger than usual.


I woke up exhausted at 7am, despite going to bed at 9pm, and put the alarm on snooze for an extra hour. That feeling really took me back to when I was first diagnosed with hashimoto’s, before I started making any changes. Those feelings of a complete lack of motivation, not being able to think clearly and feeling so tired that all I wanted to do was sleep all day.


So it’s safe to say that almonds are off the menu, at least for a few months. I will try them again further down the track and I’ll also try other nuts to see if they affect me the same way.


Whilst it’s slightly annoying to have to say goodbye to almonds for the time being, it’s also interesting to have had this experience. I wasn’t sure how I’d recognise if certain foods were an issue for me – I was worried I’d “miss” the signs! Now I know that’s not the case. It also shows that the AIP is working – it has enabled me to see that foods I used to eat frequently were actually contributing to my auto-immune symptoms and by excluding these foods hopefully I can heal my gut enough to reintroduce them at some point, and also to continue to manage my hashi’s symptoms the best I can.


Ok, that’s it for today! It’s a gorgeous afternoon, but I think it’s time for a little nap…xx