Auto-immune Protocol – Week 3 Update

I think the end is in sight! (Jas Poole Photos)

Is that light….at the end of the tunnel? (Jas Poole Photos)


I’m at the start of week 4 of this AIP plan I’ve been following…. Ummm yes….about that……



Last Friday was the night of my leaving dinner with a group of women I’m really going to miss working with, at a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for ages! I started with good intentions and went in to speak to the people at Forage the night before dinner and let them know all about my current dietary limitations. And the gentleman I spoke to (I really should have taken his name…) was so accommodating and lovely that I left with no doubt that I would be able to have an AIP friendly evening with the girls.



But I self sabotaged….I arrived at the restaurant and I decided from the get-go that I was going to have a glass of wine or two and eat whatever I fancied from the menu (minus gluten) – and I did! And I don’t regret it, the food was delicious, the wine equally delicious, the company fantastic, and I was just glad not to have to be the “awkward one” at a table of people. In the interest of full disclosure, I also had a few alcoholic drinks on the Saturday as well. In fact, you could say it was a bit of a party….(not very AIP!).



Also last week, the acupuncturist that I see each week asked me to add eggs back into my diet. They are such a nourishing and nutrient rich food and she felt (and I had thoughts in this direction too) that it would be more helpful for my body to keep them in my diet. I was pretty confident that I didn’t have any tolerance issues with eggs so I added them back in on Thursday and have had no problems so far.



So, I take responsibility for my choices and I don’t regret them but this does leave me feeling a bit in limbo….apart from the two occassions I mentioned above, and the early addition of eggs, I’ve been following AIP closely. I’ve loved finding new recipes and making what has been, mainly, pretty yummy food! But where does that leave me now? Back at square 1? Technically, I’m now at the start of week 4. Do I need to discount all the clean living that I did for the 2 weeks before last weekend and start again from then? (I think I already know the answer to this!).



One reason I wanted to try this diet plan was because I’d heard of a lot of success from other auto-immune peeps and I wanted to see if it would benefit me too. I already know gluten is a problem for me, but what if other food groups are too? Another reason is that I am studying nutritional medicine because I want to help people like me, people with Hashimoto’s and other auto-immune diseases whose health can really be improved with diet and lifestyle changes. I think AIP will be a very important part of that process for some patients so I really needed to try it for myself.



And I guess they will go through this too! The slip ups, the cravings, the ups and the downs. So this has been a valuable journey so far, and I’m learning things about myself that I didn’t expect.



I do feel noticeably healthier since starting AIP and my skin and eyes look clearer, so I can see the work I have done so far has been worthwhile. I’ll keep going until week 6 (being good, no slips – hopefully!) and see how I feel at that point. Maybe I will carry on, or maybe I will start adding things back in at that point.



Overall, at what should have been (might still be) the halfway point, I still think this is a worthwhile experiment. In some ways it’s been harder than I thought, in some ways easier. I think the longer I go on the easier it becomes to say no. It becomes more of a habit I suppose.



So wish me luck for the weeks to come and if anyone has any tips about how to stay on the AIP wagon I’d love to hear them! And good luck to anyone still on their journey 🙂 x