Autoimmune Protocol ? Week 6 Update

This is how good this lifestyle feels.....

This is how good this lifestyle feels…..


Wow……I’ve made it! 6 weeks was my initial goal and I’ve got there! We had a couple of hiccups in the first couple of weeks which I spoke about here, but despite that I definitely feel the benefits of cleaning up my diet.


And what are those benefits? Well! Let me share those with you now:

  1. I don’t feel “ill” anymore, my hashi’s symptoms have totally taken a back seat – this is huge!
  2. My eyes and skin are clearer (could also be due to my home made skincare?!)
  3. No digestive issues as signified by textbook poos!
  4. I take even greater pleasure in cooking – I feel so impressed with myself and others that we can take what could be seen as a “restrictive diet” and make such delicious meals that even my boyfriend enjoys eating (you can see my favourite meal ideas here)
  5. ?No more hangovers or jitters! Going alcohol and coffee free will do that for you!


Overall, I have definitely got what I wanted out of the first part of this experiment – I wanted to know if the AIP diet works and I can safely say that it does. I really look forward to sharing my experiences with my nutrition clients 🙂


This week I am starting the second part of the experiment – reintroductions! Starting with Pepe Saya?grass fed ghee, then seed spices. Yay cumin and fennel seeds – welcome back!