Autoimmune Protocol – Week 5 Update

AIP rosemary and lemon roast lamb chops with roast sweet potato and kale chips

AIP rosemary and lemon roast lamb chops with roast sweet potato and kale chips


I’m into week 6 of AIP now, who would have thought it? Certainly not me! I remember first reading about AIP a couple of years ago and thinking “oh no, something that restrictive is definitely not for me”. I’d just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and I was still at the stage of thinking that thyroxine was going to put right everything that had been wrong. Then some more time passed and I experimented with cutting out sugar, cutting out gluten, cutting out processed foods and noticed I was definitely feeling better. Then I started reading about AIP again and the more it started to make sense to me… Continue Reading

AIP Beef and Liver and Sausages

AIP Sausages

Why the long knife?!


Liver is one of those things that I “should” eat, but I don’t. I tried to make pate once, didn’t go down well….(I definitely need to tweak that recipe because I’m sure I can make it work – but that’s another story!). Liver is a significant source of the fat vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as various B vitamins (Chris Kresser has more info on this here). It’s also cheap! And for these reasons I really want to make it work for me – whether I’m on the AIP diet or not. Continue Reading

AIP “Spaghetti Bolognaise”!

AIP "Spaghetti Bolognaise"!

The cutest little zoodle maker ever 🙂


Spag bol – my favouritest favourite of all dinners! Takes me back to my childhood and makes me feel like I’m being looked after, even if I’ve made it myself! Continue Reading

AIP Bacon and Veg Fry Up


AIP Bacon and Veg Fry Up

AIP Bacon and Veg Fry Up


This is a super simple dish that I have for breakfast, lunch or, if I’m feeling lazy, dinner. When I’m not following the AIP diet I add an egg or 2 as well and have just one rasher of bacon. Continue Reading

Food and Meal Ideas for Easy, Gluten Free Camping!

Our home away from home!

Our home away from home!


I’ve recently returned from a 4 week roadtrip to Cape York, the most northerly tip of Australia, if you haven’t been you must go – it’s amazing! The photo above was taken on the Old Telegraph Track a couple of days away from Cape York. And yes – that car was literally a home away from home (bed in the back – need I say more?!). Continue Reading

Pumpkin Soup for the Soul


pumpkin soup

pumpkin soup


Orange is just such an Autumnal colour isn’t it?! It’s the colour of the leaves on the trees and covering the pavements, of oranges and mandarins and clementines that really come into their own during the colder months…..and of course fat juicy pumpkins!!!! It’s such a warm, nourishing and delicious colour that when you eat something like a steaming bowl of thick pumpkin soup you feel like you’re being hugged from the inside! Continue Reading

Cinnamony Apple and Banana Bread (GF, DF, SF)


Cinnamony Apple and Banana Bread with Yoghurt

Cinnamony Apple and Banana Bread with Yoghurt and Chopped Brazil Nuts



Mmmm…are you going to love this!


I’ve been seeing a lot of hot cross buns around the place, of course, Easter is on its way! And I loooove hot cross buns…..I don’t think you understand, I really, really love hot cross buns. Really….. And although I rarely ate baked goods even before I stopped eating gluten, hot cross buns would be a yearly treat I would not feel bad about gorging myself on. Yes, gorge. I’d have maybe 4 a day, if there were some around, at work, at home, you know, wherever….It’s really lucky Easter is only once a year! Continue Reading

How to Make Bone Broth


Bone Broth Thickened with Quinoa and Chia Seeds

Bone broth thickened with quinoa and chia seeds


Bone broth. It’s not pretty, but it is the very essence is all that is nourishing, supporting and protective of our well being. We all know about how every culture has it’s own version, of chicken soup – basically a bone broth – and why wouldn’t they?! The benefits are immense!

Continue Reading