Homemade Chocolate – with Stage 2 AIP Reintros (and Not Much Sweetener!)

I want to eat you....

I want to eat you….



I really quite like chocolate. Not in an obsessive “I have to have it all the time!!!” kind of way, but in a “I’d quite like some chocolate now so I’m going to have some kind of way. So eliminating chocolate for AIP was, hmmm, less than ideal! And I have to admit, it was one of the few things that the longer I didn’t have it the more I wanted it (I’m sure we’ve all been there)!



I reintroduced raw cacao in December, after following AIP for 4 months. I was away from home at the time and came across this delicious sounding Deva?organic, fairtrade, raw chocolate while I was in Bellingen (which is also where it’s made). I went for their dark cacao with nibs bar which is made with just cacao paste, cacao butter, cacao nibs, honey, vanilla bean and salt. And it was AMAAAAAZING!!!!!! And lucky me, the only reaction I had to it was a good one 🙂 Another good, local (Melbourne) brand of delicious organic, raw chocolate is Liefje, a beautiful product that just makes life better!



So, with cacao under my belt as a successful reintroduction, I really wanted to try making my own chocolate. I started with this super simple (and very yummy) recipe from Wellness Mama?and I loved it! But I also wanted to find a way of making chocolate that used less sweetener. I halved the amount of honey in the recipe but it still seemed like a lot of sweetener for me personally – everyone is different 😉



So I mucked around with a few of my favourite ingredients and this is what I came up with! I love the flavour and think the sweetness level is spot on, and as very little actual sweetener is used that makes me very happy!





2/3 cup raw cacao powder

1/6 cup roasted carob powder

1/6 cup mesquite powder (if your mesquite is ground from the pod of the mesquite tree, it is AIP compliant. If it is ground from the seeds and the pod then it counts as a seed reintroduction. I decided to add it back in as a reintroduction)

**Note re. powder measurements I used 1 cup, fill up 2/3 with the raw cacao and then add the carob powder on top and the mesquite on top of that, til the cup was full.

1 cup cacao butter

1 teaspoon raw honey

1-2 handfuls coconut flakes

2 tablespoons cacao nibs

Sprinkle of Himalyan rock salt

**You could add any other flavourings you fancy, orange zest, nuts if you can tolerate them, peppermint, go crazy!



Fill a small saucepan halfway with hot water, put a a medium heat and put a glass bowl on top, making sure it doesn’t touch the water.

Put the cacao butter into the bowl and melt.

When al the cacao butter has melted take the bowl off the heat.

Add all the powders and stir until there are no lumps.

Add the honey, making sure the chocolate mixture isn’t too hot so you don’t “cook” the honey and destroy all the beneficial nutrients (I aim for about body temp).

Blitz it all together with a stick blender, just a few pulses should do it.

Add a handful or two of coconut flakes. Not big handfuls, the chocolate mixture should easily coat all the flakes and be pourable.

Pour your mixture into whatever you want your chocolate to set in. I use a pyrex dish.

Sprinkle the cacao nibs and the salt over the top

Put in the freezer for a couple of hours or until it sets

Once it has set, I chop it up into random shaped chunks and try not to eat it all at once!



So there it is, chocolate without too much sweetener. I absolutely love it and I hope you do too!