Homemade Deodorant – I’ve Finally Gone Full Hippy…

Such a cute little armpit helper....who can resist?!

Such a cute little armpit helper….who can resist?!



I’m so excited about my newest revelation! Very gradually, over the last couple of years or so, I’ve been moving away from shop-bought household cleaners and toiletries and looking into ways I can make my own. I started with household cleaners because it seemed pretty simple to make my own using the combination of a spray bottle, white vinegar, eucalyptus oil, bicarb soda and lemon juice, in various combinations. And it is pretty simple, and effective, and cheap (always such an important aspect of any project)! Sarah Wilson has a great post with more info about making your own products?here. So that takes care of the household side of things, for the main part. Then I started looking at skincare – and there’s more on that here.


Now, for me, the last bastion of h0memade toiletries has always been deodorant. I’ve always been a sweaty kind of person and going without deodorant would have made me a sweaty, smelly mess. Over the years I have got less sweaty (hooray!) and I think that a lot of my sweatiness was in connection with my (at that stage) undiagnosed Hashimoto’s. I have also got less smelly (double hooray!!) and I think that was a combination of having Hashi’s diagnosis, not leading a very “clean” lifestyle and stress. In fact, I was talking with a friend recently about how stress produces a different, stronger, smelling sweat, we agreed it was amazing how the body gives signals for us to recognise, but it’s really not great for other people’s nostrils!


So fast forward a few years and I have cleaned up my diet, am leading a much less stressful lifestyle and I’m on the road to managing my little auto-immune friend. I have definitely noticed a change in the amount and smell of my sweat and again, after a conversation with a friend, thought it would be worth trying a natural deodorant to see if that would now suit me.


I like to keep things simple, so I after looking few a few different recipes I settled on this one from Wellness Mama. I simplified it even further to match what I had available. I used just coconut oil, bicarb soda a few drops of tea tree oil and a couple more drops of other essential oils that I liked the smell of. Mashed it all together, put it in the fridge for it to solidify and then the next morning we were good to go!


Friday was my first day using this natural deodorant. I cycle to work, so I must admit I did pack some of my old deodorant in my bag “just in case”, but the good news is I didn’t need it! I did regular smell checks throughout the day and even after cycling home I was still feeling and smelling pretty fresh. Today I wore it through a pretty hot pilates class and I did need a quick shower and reapplication after that but I still think that’s pretty good going.


A couple of tips: Make sure you shave your armpits at night, not in the morning just before applying the deodorant, as the bicarb can make it sting a bit; choose whatever organic essential oils you like the smell of but make sure they are safe to be applied to skin, and just a few drops is enough, let the deodorant sink in for a few minutes before getting dressed so the oil doesn’t stain your clothes.


So, what are you waiting for? Get mixing! If I can do it you definitely can 🙂