Oysters and Lemons, Oh My! 5 Reasons to Say Yes Please to Oysters


Oysters and Lemons

Oysters and Lemons


Oysters and lemons….(and a little bent fork!). Most people like oysters don’t they? We all know it’s a bit of an acquired taste and texture but one that we eventually grow to enjoy, no?



Well, if you don’t love them yet, maybe this info about what they can do for you will help. If you do love them, then hey, it’s bonus time!



5 Reasons to Love Oysters


Oysters are a good source (i.e contain at least 25% of your RDI per 100g) of the following nutrients:


1. Omega 3 – with its anti-inflammatory properties, this can assist with reducing inflammation in the body.


2. Iodine – this is an integral part of the thyroid hormone, required for growth and development.


3. Magnesium – supports a healthy immune system, keeps bones strong and helps maintain normal nerve and muscle function.


4. Zinc – promotes a healthy immune system and is necessary for normal growth and development.


5. Selenium – most of us are deficient in this mineral as it is no longer readily available through the soil as it used to be. It is an antioxidant that assists with thyroid function and is beneficial for the immune system. Those with hypothyroid conditions are often particularly low in this mineral.



So, why don’t you write yourself a prescription for half a dozen of these once a week!



Enjoy 😉 xx