Homemade Deodorant – I’ve Finally Gone Full Hippy…

Such a cute little armpit helper....who can resist?!

Such a cute little armpit helper….who can resist?!



I’m so excited about my newest revelation! Very gradually, over the last couple of years or so, I’ve been moving away from shop-bought household cleaners and toiletries and looking into ways I can make my own. I started with household cleaners because it seemed pretty simple to make my own using the combination of a spray bottle, white vinegar, eucalyptus oil, bicarb soda and lemon juice, in various combinations. And it is pretty simple, and effective, and cheap (always such an important aspect of any project)! Sarah Wilson has a great post with more info about making your own products?here. So that takes care of the household side of things, for the main part. Then I started looking at skincare – and there’s more on that here. Continue Reading

Easy Peasy Homemade Skin and Haircare

Kitchen or bathroom? Or both!

Kitchen or bathroom? Or both!


As I’m trying to make my diet simpler, less processed foods, less toxic chemicals, more cooking from scratch, I am wanting to make other areas in my life simpler too – including skin and haircare. This is an area that I’ve always loved spending money on, seriously, leave me in a chemist or department store and I was happy for hours! But I gave no thought to what toxicants I might be putting onto my body and what effect this might have on me. Continue Reading