The Great Sydney AIP Picnic!

Yesterday, Sunday 1st March, was our first public gathering of the AIP Supper Club! It started as a beautiful evening back in November with Jo from Joanna Frankham Health Coaching??and Rory, The Paleo PI. We shared (AIP compliant!) food, stories and information and realised what a lovely thing it is to pass time in the company of people who get who you are, what you are doing and why you are doing it. And we decided we wanted to share this experience with other AIP peeps!



Rory, Jo and Kirstie

Rory, Jo and Kirstie


The idea is that by surrounding yourself with a community or “tribe” of people to support you and back you up you are more likely to succeed than by going it alone. And it can be lonely. Yes, autoimmune diseases are on the rise but not everyone you meet with an AI disease wants to manage it through diet. Or you may not know anyone else in your circle with an AI disease or your friends and family might not understand the importance of diet to your health. And sometimes you just get tired of explaining all this stuff to people that ask, but then their eyes glaze over once you begin. I’m sure we can all relate to this in some part! So that’s why events like this are important, to connect us with our tribe.


the AIP tribe

our AIP tribe

We had people travel from as far afield as Canberra and Bathurst to make it, but I’m sure they’ll agree it was worth the effort! Everyone bought at least one dish to share and we had sweet potato patties, fresh salmon fish cakes, meatballs galore, bacon wrapped dates (can you believe it was my first time trying these?! It won’t be my last!) plus some delish deserts and fruit (some?recipe links here), and my celebration salad of course! The dogs and the children played nicely and a good time was had by all!


AIP picnic

just a few of the dishes served at the AIP picnic


We hear all the time how AIP isn’t just about diet, and it’s true! It’s also about sleep (getting enough), stress (getting as little as possible) and positive social interactions (i.e. having fun!) and this gathering was hugely fun!


So thank you so much to all who made the effort to come along. You are a gorgeous, fascinating bunch and we look forward to seeing you at the next gathering! If you weren’t able to make yesterday’s picnic we’d love to see you at the next event. Watch this space!