Auto-Immune Protocol Update – Week 9 – And A Roast Pork Recipe



Roasted pork with fennel salt

Roasted pork with fennel salt




End of week 9 – well, well, well! Not too much has changed this week….after my adventure with almonds last week I decided to lay of trying to reintroduce any more nuts for the time being and instead decided to try adding back seed based spices. I tried fennel seeds at the beginning of the week and cumin and cardamom last night. All seemed to go well with the fennel seeds but I don’t feel that great today after the cumin and cardamom. Not sure if it’s related or not, but I think I’ll steer clear of cumin and cardamom for a few days til I feel better and then try them again!


Pork, fennel and apple are one of my favourite combos! So, luckily, roasted pork with fennel salt on roasted apple with mashed sweet potato and steamed veggies went down a treat! If you’d like to make it, here’s how (I also used Jamie Oliver’s Pork Belly Roast recipe as a guide):


I started by turning the oven up as high as it would go. Then chopped up a couple of apples and a red onion and put them in a ceramic baking dish. Scored the skin of the pork roast, ground together some Celtic sea salt and fennel seeds and then rubbed the fennel salt all over the pork. Put the pork on top of the apple and onion and pour some water around it, enough to make into a sauce. Put in the oven for 15 mins until the top is all crispy and delicious looking.


Turn the oven down to approx. 170C and roast for about an hour or until it’s cooked, check the water levels every now and then as you don’t want it to go dry. Take the pork out of the tray and cover to let it rest for approx. 20 mins or so. The apples and onions should be cooked and mushy and as little bit caramelised. To intensify the flavour put the tray back in the oven so the apples and onion can keep on cooking.


Then boil up and mash some sweet potatoes (I like to add ghee and cinnamon to the mash) and steam some veg, I used broccoli and green beans. Then carve the pork, serve, and pour the sauce over the top. If you don’t love it I will be very surprised!


And the next day I made a yummy and quick dinner with the leftovers, chopping the pork, veggies and apple into cubes and heating it all back up in the leftover juices. Very simple, but the flavours were amazing!




Roasted pork, apple and veg - day 2

Roasted pork, apple and veg – day 2


You can keep this AIP friendly by just not adding the fennel seeds, it will still be delicious! So, onwards to next week….who knows that flavour sensations will be heading my way!! 🙂