Why Sunbathing Your Mushrooms is a Good Idea (and Not at All Weird!)


Sunbathing Mushrooms

Sunbathing Mushrooms


What am I doing? Sunbathing my mushrooms to increase their vitamin D levels of course (is that weird?!)!
Studies show that putting mushrooms in direct sunlight increases the amount of bioavailable vitamin D2 in the mushrooms and that this?is as effective as the same amount of vitamin D2 or D3 taken in supplement form in raising blood vitamin D levels. Continue Reading

Benefits of Phytochemicals – Eat the Rainbow!

Vegetable Rainbow

My vegetable rainbow market day haul!


We all know we should eat fruit and veg, because of their vitamins and minerals and fibre and so on, but have you heard about phytochemicals? Phytochemicals, or phytonutrients, are naturally occurring chemicals that give plants their colour, flavour and aroma. They are produced by the plants in order for them to grow, reproduce, protect themselves and many other biological functions. Phytochemicals are not classed as ?essential nutrients? but research has shown that they can strengthen our immune system, help fight cancer and diabetes, support healthy aging and repair DNA.

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