Raspberry Magnesium Gummy Squares!

aip gelatin gummies


“Gummy squares!!!! Bouncing here and there and everywhere….?”

Anyone? No? Just me then!

Anyway, the point of this unicorn (rarely seen) post is….AIP gelatin gummies!

They’ve been coming at be from several angles recently, friends bringing them into clinic, delicious recipes on Facebook and Instagram, that can of Great Lakes gelatin sitting, neglected, in my kitchen cupboard! And I’ve wanted to make them, I have, but I’ve just been too busy with whirlwind Woody (now aged 15 months!) to do anything about it. Until Mickey Trescott’s super quick and simple lemon and raspberry gummy recipe broke through my defences, and now, here I am, gummies made 🙂

In the name of using what I had, I made a couple of changes. So here’s my personal, magnesium rich, variation of Mickey’s fabulous recipe:

– 1 cup frozen raspberries
– 3/4 cup lemon juice
– 1/2 teaspoon honey
– 4 capsules (broken open) of magnesium (I used citrate, I think any would work)
– 1/4 cup Great Lakes gelatin

– Put raspberries and lemon juice in saucepan and blitz up with stick blender
– Add honey, gelatin and magnesium and stir to make a paste
– Put on a low heat and stir so everything is incorporated and the mixture becomes thin
– Blitz again if you get any lumps
– Pour into molds or a dish
– Put in fridge for approx 1 hr to set
– If you’ve used a dish, cut the gummy into bite sized pieces (approx 12)

I love the tart flavour you get from the? fruit, but you can still taste the flavour of the honey. I’m really pleased I managed to get some relaxing magnesium in there too. I’ve started with just a small amount as I want to share these with Woody, but I’m planning on experimenting with larger amounts, and other minerals too.

Thank you Mickey – not only have you got me making gummies again, you also got me writing again! X

NB: take magnesium 4 hours away from thyroxine (if you take it, like I do)